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Founded in 2005, Sunchine Inspection is one branch of Sunchine International; a Hong Kong based multinational company specializing in export-import consulting and quality management.
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Sunchine is very happy to cooperate with qualified oversea companies or people in introducing quality control service.

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If you are interested in becoming Sunchine Iternational Distrbutor, pls feel contact free to contact us at: esther.wang@sunchineconsulting.com

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For more information on partnerships with Sunchine, please contact us with our online service. Tel: 0086-25-6809 3658

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Focusing on the sourcing business, Sunchine Business Consulting is founded in 2005. With offices in several Chinese cities like Nanjing, Shanghai, Canton and Shenzhen in China, Sunchine Business Consulting can easily help the clients to work with the most competitive suppliers and ensure the quality of their orders. Supported by one excellent consultant multi language team…

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Spécialisés en Sourcing International, consulting import-export, management des achats, management et controles qualité en Chine et aussi en E-Commerce depuis 1997, nous offrons un service efficace, dynamique, personnalisé et complet ciblant les attentes du client final partout dans le monde. Nous fournissons aux entreprises tous les outils et services dont elles ont besoin pour réussir leurs achats à l’import et leurs ventes à l’international.

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