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Founded in 2005, Sunchine Inspection is one branch of Sunchine International; a Hong Kong based multinational company specializing in export-import consulting and quality management.
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Lab Testing

Laboratory testing ensures that your importing products are in conformity to international regulations with complete content testing.

Components testing of some products such as cosmetics, food products, toys, household appliances, electrical cables, chemical products, mechanical and electronic products, medical products, welding, etc.., are necessary; for example: cadmium dioxin, phthalates, lead, pesticide residue, solvent residue, microbes and germs, irradiation, radioactivity, etc..

Our Lab

Laboratory testing ensures that your importing products are in conformity to international regulations with complete content testing.

Test Scope

With partnership of our associated accredited laboratories, we are able to provide laboratory testing in the following filed:


DUPRO, the abbreviation of During Production Check, has another term: DPI (During Production Inspection) or In-Process Inspection.

Service in China

We have our own inspection network present in more than 50 mains cities in China, which covers almost every important industrial region in China.

If all the answer is Yes, then we can help you, for we are professional inspection company, we have many inspectors in over 50 cities in China, and expert in various fields. We also have experience in checking baby products, if you need, we can send you our sample report. Hope we can become your reliable quality control in China.

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The Iran Institute of Standards (ISIRI), authorized by the Minister, is responsible for controlling the quality of the goods imported to Iran.


Saudi Arabian Standards Organization being the sole standardization body in the Kingdom, was established according to the Royal Decree Number.

Business Translation

Container Loading Check (CLC) is also called Container Loading Inspection (CLI) or Container Loading Supervision (CLS) The CLC takes place when…

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